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An ambitious new player in the adult diapers market, Hayat Kimya is reshaping this market with its brands Joly and Evony. Committed to accurately identifying and meeting consumers’ expectations and offering the best products, Hayat Kimya has invested in an adult diapers line at its İzmit factory. This production line is equipped with the latest technology and possesses the highest capacity in the world.

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Hayat Kimya manufactures in six different countries around the world, using systems compliant with European standards. It produces home-care and hygienic products at its Algerian Hayat DHC factory, and hygienic products and tissue at its Pars Hayat Sağlık Ürünleri Sehami Has factory in Iran. The company produces hygienic products at its Hayat Hygienic Products S.A.E. factory in Egypt, and cellulose and wrapping paper at its Natron HAYAT DOO factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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FMCG giant Hayat Kimya offers career opportunities to individuals who follow the latest global trends, value their personal development and want to be a part of a dynamic team.

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Hayat Kimya offers products in three main categories of the FMCG segment: home-care, tissue and hygienic products. The company offers the Papia, Familia, Teno and Focus brands in the tissue category, the Bingo and TEST brands in the home-care category, and the Molped (sanitary pads), Molfix (baby diapers) and Joly and Evony (adult diapers) in the hygienic products category.

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