Bingo, a home-care product by Hayat Kimya, was introduced in 1987. It has since then enjoyed an ever-growing popularity in the market. The brand, which is wholly owned by local investors and initially consisted of a single detergent, has expanded its range in 1993-1994 to include softeners, cream cleansers, surface detergents and glass detergents.

In 2009, Bingo's umbrella brand strategy, which differentiated the brand from competitors, was further enhanced with the "Contemporary Mothers and their Daughters" campaign. In 2011, Bingo became one of the “challenger brands” of Turkey. With a continuously increasing brand recognition, Bingo has over the last five years received several awards in various categories from packaging to advertising. In 2012, the Consumer Satisfaction Index Survey crowned its success by naming it “Turkey's Most Popular Detergent.” Today, there is a Bingo product in one out of every two homes. Besides Turkey, Bingo is also produced in Bulgaria, the Ukraine and Algeria, and is exported to 44 countries.